UFO Hovers Outside Hospital 1970

LOCATION: Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
DATE OF OBSERVATION: January 1, 1970

The following is from an audio cassette recording of Henry McKay at around the 26 minute 28 second mark. This would have been at either one of his lectures or his course. The cassette is simply labelled as “UFO Talk H.H.M”. Date unknown. From the files of the Henry McKay UFO Archives.

Below this video (from UFOsUPClose youtube channel) is a transcript:



“A number of years ago, a nurse in an intensive care ward at the District Hospital in Cowichan on Vancouver Island observed an intense light shining in, out in the hall from a patient’s room.

Now, the patient at that time should have been resting with the lights off. And the nurse thought that somebody had left the lights on. And she went down to the room to turn the light off. Then she realized on entering the room that the intense light was coming in the window.

So she walked over with intentions of drawing the drapes. When she looked out, hovering at eye level was an, 80 feet from her building, because it was between the children’s wing of the same hospital, was a hovering UFO.

She reported that she was, stared in amazement, and was mesmerized. She said this object was hovering there and it contained two creatures. And she said, one sitting behind the other, she said the one sitting in the rear turned slowly and looked directly at her. Then that creature reached forward, placed his hand on the creature sitting in front, and the creature in turn reached down and moved the lever.

She was questioned closely about this and she said she could see the interior of the craft, and when he reached down and moved that lever the vehicle tilted and she could see a greater area of this craft. She said inside she could see some sort of a control panel and these two humanoids were sitting on tall stools, like a child’s seat.

Then the craft started moving further away and then she realized she should get other witnesses, and she yelled to the other nurses on duty and they came running down the corridor.

Unfortunately, the one just saw the light moving off in the distance. And another nurse ran down, I believe it was into a small washroom that had a window that had a view of the area where the object was disappearing, and she saw the lights disappearing in the distance also.

Now, here’s a nurse. A mature, would be quite competent in observing something of this nature and reporting it.

This is one case that’s happened out in B.C., and other cases have been reported across Canada.”

– Henry McKay


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