UFO: Walkerton, Ontario, Canada 1960

LOCATION: Walkerton, Ontario, Canada

The following is a transcript from an audio cassette recording of Henry McKay, around the 14 minute 36 second mark. This would have been at either one of his lectures or his course. The cassette is simply labelled as “UFO Talk H.H.M”. Date unknown. From the files of the Henry McKay UFO Archives.  NOTE: A few words are indiscernible, which have been marked with “????”.:

“Now I’ll give you one example of what has taken place in Ontario here and is what I would classify as a ‘B’ category. Now this particular incident just surfaced on publication of a report of a survey of the membership of the American Astronomical Society concerning UFO problems. This is by Peter A. Sterrock/Sturrock, Institute For Plasma Research, Stanford University. A round about way to get back to you people here in the audience. But this is what happened. Walkerton, Ontario, Canada. 196o, during the summer. About 2 am. The person who was reporting this incident at the time was a student. And it’s only through the becoming a member of the American Astronomical Society that he released this information. About 2am the respondent had been notified by his uncle, a newspaper photographer, who had been requested to obtain photographs by the Ontario Provincial Police. The following events were witnessed by the respondent, his brother, his uncle, and about six police officers who had been chasing an unknown object for about an hour. We followed country roads until we came within 100 yards of the object. It was hovering around a large tree which stood alone in the center of a cultivated field. The tree was about a hundred yards distant and about 120 feet high. The object which ???? an angle of about one quarter degrees, giving it a physical




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