Audio: UFO Interrupts Radio Show 1973 – Jackson’s Point Incident


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The following audio is from an audio cassette in the Henry McKay UFO Archives.

In this audio from 1973 you will hear Henry McKay being interviewed on CFGM radio station by host Ron Knight when a male calls in saying that he is looking at a UFO in the sky right at that very moment.┬áDuring the interview the radio station’s phone lines jam, thereby forcing the station to temporarily go off air!! Somewhat similar to the infamous Art Bell “Area 51 Frantic Caller” episode found on YouTube here.

Listen to the full audio from the day it happened here (from UFOsUPClose youtube channel):



For an update on this case, listen to Michelle’s interview with UFOlogist David Haisell. He was one of Henry McKay’s UFOlogy students and he also investigated the case.







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