Audio: The Henry McKay Confession Tape 1978

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The Henry McKay Confession Tape ufos


Note: although the cassette says “1976”, this audio was recorded in 1978 as per the discussion on the tape itself. Therefore, Henry must have recorded over whatever was originally on the tape in 1976.


Here are additional notes about the tape from Henry’s great-niece Michelle McKay:

“The Henry McKay Confession Tape is an audio cassette tape from 1978 of pioneer UFOlogist Henry McKay (my great-uncle) talking about his experiences of being watched, stalked and harassed by authorities due to his UFO research involvement. I don’t recall if Uncle mentions in this tape that he had to get his local politician involved to finally get his P.O. mailbox back after it “mistakenly” was shut down and taken away from him.

I cranked the volume up as loud as it would go in the video editor, so you might need headphones depending on your speaker system. But most should be able to hear without headphones.

I do not know who Henry (my great-uncle) was talking to in this tape. All I know is that this conversation took place in a car in front of Henry’s home in Toronto, Canada in 1978. About half-way through the tape you will hear it raining outside. At around the 22 minute mark the tape goes blank, I have not done anything to it, this is the way it is on the original tape and I have no idea what caused this. Then the audio comes back. Then around the 27 minute mark the tape cuts off as Henry is mid-sentence and then you hear Uncle do a countdown — no idea what this is all about. Then all of a sudden the tape comes back to the interview in the car. Your guess is as good as mine.

If anybody has any idea as to who Uncle was talking to (the man interviewing Uncle) please leave it in the comments below (no sign-up required) and also include why you think so. Or if anybody has any additional info to anything they have heard in this tape please leave it in the comments. Thank you for your assistance, together we can figure this out!!

In this audio cassette tape Henry talks about his mail being diverted, his telegram being diverted, his telephone being tapped, men watching his house from their car, being chased down the highway by an unknown vehicle, police showing up at his door to harass him from a city over 3 hours away, army showing up at his investigation sites (Henry specialized in landing sites and physical traces), and the monitoring of UFO investigators and researchers. Henry also mentions the Edwin Fuhr case (Regina, Saskatchewan) and that the police told Edwin not to say anything about his UFO sighting. He also mentions the Stephen Michalak case in Falcon Lake, Manitoba. He also talks about Ground Saucer Watch attempting to take the government to court regarding harassment for investigating UFOs. He also talks about his long fight with the government to get the Joe Borda files from the government (over 10 years Henry tried) in Brantford when a UFO landed in a tobacco field.

He mentions “O.P.P” which is the “Ontario Provincial Police”. He also mentions RCMP which is the “Royal Canadian Mounted Police”.

As you will hear in the tape, Henry called the harassment and monitoring from authorities “the loyal opposition”. A very fitting title for them.”




It is now suspected that Henry might have been talking to none other then the infamous “Mr X” of Kingston, Ontario (not the Mr X in the USA). Mr X was written about in newspapers back around that time. The reason this is suspected is because of an entry made in Henry’s 1978 appointment book. In the January 18 entry, his journal states: “Commission of Inquiry Brief by Mr X. RCMP activities”.  The male that Henry is talking to in the audio says that he is only interested in RCMP activities. However, it could also be that perhaps Mr X referred Henry to the male who interviewed him. Or  it could also be that Mr X was holding a meeting of some sort that day in regards to the topic, then Henry might have met somebody there at the meeting who he later was questioned by.


UPDATE from from Henry’s great-niece Michelle McKay:

“I have located the real name of Mr X and am going to keep this name to myself because he is still alive. I will leave it up to Mr X to announce himself. I was also able to obtain recent audio of Mr X’s voice, and although voices do change slightly over time, I just don’t think that Mr X is the male that Uncle was talking to in the tape. Mr X doesn’t have the same slow tempo that the male in the audio has, and his voice doesn’t sound as “interrogating” either. But you never know. So, just who Henry was speaking to in this tape is still a mystery.”


Here are scans of Henry’s journal for Jan 18, 1978:


Henry McKay Confession Tape 1978




Henry McKay Confession Tape 1978






One other important bit of information about this tape: The male in the tape doesn’t seem to know what the NRC was. The NRC is the National Research Council and they hold all of the UFO (non-meteorite) files for the Canadian government. This fact alone tells me that the male was likely not a UFO researcher of any kind, because any Canadian UFO researcher would surely know what the NRC was!! The male also stated that he was only interested in RCMP activity. The RCMP are the federal police in Canada. Who would look into complaints against the RCMP? Well, there are a few government organizations who govern the RCMP depending on where the complaint originated and the details of said complaint. Such as the OCPC, SIU, and the CPC (and a myriad of others listed here). Or, this male could have also been a journalist. If anybody has any info please contact us or leave the info in the comments below (no sign-up required)…






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