UFO Sighted at Tree-top Level in Grand Canyon

UFOs up close UFO close up landings physical traces

Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Date of Observation: July 2001
Time of Observation: between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

UFO report sent into UFOsUpClose.com on May 5, 2015:

“Just got done changing a tire at Chevron gas station because we were driving on a flat tire for I’d say good 4 miles easily if not 6 to 8 . I thought it was a helicopter coming over the tree line because it had a big white spot light on it like it was searching for something, and then I also noticed that it had like a flashing red light and like a blue light. So I for sure thought it was a helicopter.

And then we looked again it and the curves with the grade of the land like it came up and over it was like 5 feet above the trees and was not moving like a helicopter, that’s what grabbed my attention.

It made me feel nervous and my hair on my arm start standing up and then the back of my neck. I never seen a craft move like that.

It came from over the top of the hill from the top and then went down the hill with the curve of the grade of the land and then as fast as you could snap your fingers.

I think it noticed us noticing it because we had kind of slowed down to see it and snap your fingers and that thing was gone. It was like a star in the sky gone.

This happened in 2001.”


UPDATE sent into UFOsUpClose.com by same witness on May 9, 2015:

“Driving through Grand Canyon got a flat tire, changed it at the Chevron driving down the road. The UFO came over the hill, had red and blue light with a big bright spot light in front.

I originally thought it was a helicopter, until the way the craft glided with the grade of the land 2 feet above the treetops.

In a blink of an eye it was gone .. helicopters don’t do that, had the worst chills goosebumps.

Then we both talk to each other about what we saw, reconfirmed what we saw with each other and then decided that it was not a helicopter.

Id love to fly one of what ever we saw . Thanks for listening.”

Please estimate how high from the ground the UFO was: 250 ft right above the trees

Please estimate how close you were to the UFO: 500 yards

What were you doing immediately before you observed the UFO?: changing a tire then just driving

How many other people were with you that also observed the UFO?: 1

Were there any power outages or electrical disturbances associated with your sighting?: no it came from over the treetops there is no lighting around

Did you find any ground markings associated with your sighting?: nope we didn’t stick around

Did the object make any sounds?: not that we noticed

Please describe what the object looked like and its size (include as much detail as possible): saucer shaped



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