Treetop Triangle UFO in Washington


UFOs up close UFO close up landings physical traces

(not actual photo, depiction)

Location: Bellingham, WashingtonUSA
Date of Observation: Sept 2, 2015
Time of Observation: 11:15 p.m.

UFO report sent into on Sept 28, 2015:

“I was in the drive way, checking that i had locked my car. I looked up, and saw an object darting erratically around the sky. At first in seemed distant, then suddenly it was out in the middle of the street, a little higher than a nearby pine tree. It was quite close. It was triangular, mostly blue lights with 3 red lights across the middle. I only saw the lights. It stayed motionless, I really felt it was looking at me. The sound was quite loud. I was very scared. I thought maybe it was some kind of drone, but it was large, I’m guessing about 5 ft on each side. I was upset by it just looking at me, and I felt invaded somehow. So I went inside and locked the door. It stayed out there, and the noise continued for a few minutes. My dog was howling like crazy, and the 3 cats were running around like crazy. I was home alone and very scared. Then the sound stopped and the object was gone, and I called a friend.”

Please estimate how high from the ground the UFO was: a few feet above treetop height, then a few feet lower

Please estimate how close you were to the UFO: 30 ft, on the ground, and then its height up

What were you doing immediately before you observed the UFO?: I went out to check that my car door was locked.

How many other people were with you that also observed the UFO?: just me. neighbor across the street heard the sound, but was too scared to come out.

Were there any power outages or electrical disturbances associated with your sighting?: no

Did you find any ground markings associated with your sighting?: no

Did the object make any sounds?: yes. a very upsetting whoosh and hum. hard to explain.

Please describe what the object looked like and its size (include as much detail as possible): I think I was just seeing the bottom of it. It was a triangle, slightly longer than wide. I would guess 5 to 7 ft on each side, but it could have been a bit bigger. It was made up of mostly blue lights, with three red lights like a belt across the middle. Above the red lights was one white one. I think the white one flashed a little, but mostly the object was totally still. I wondered if it was a drone, but am not sure a drone could be that still. I don’t know much about them.



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