UFO Orange Ball of Light in Washington D.C. Woods


UFOs up close UFO close up landings physical traces

Location: Washington, D.C.USA
Date of Observation: 2013
Time of Observation: about 11:00 p.m.

UFO report sent into UFOsUpClose.com on Sept 30, 2015:

“While watching fireworks out my window overlooking Rock Creek Park I spotted what at first I thought was a spent or dud firework ember on a parachute descending amidst the trees. It was an orange slightly elongated globe. But then I realized it was maintaining its altitude and moving at a steady speed forward.

It also was moving deftly among the tall trees. Any parachute would have quickly become tangled in branches.

I viewed it from above as I was about 70-90 feet up in my apartment.

It moved slowly, as if carefully observing or cataloging something and followed a small creek in the woods. I saw it with my naked eye & then used 8X50 binoculars. No structure or solid object was apparent. I saw no parachute or cords attached to it. I viewed it at least 30 seconds, perhaps more. It was eerie. It moved away from me during the sighting.

I heard nor saw no one in the park anywhere near it. No fireworks preceded or followed it in the entire sighting area.

I had never read or heard of UFOs of orange-colored balls of light prior.

In the weeks and months that followed I read of other such sightings tho, and realized that must have been what I saw. Best rough size estimate might be 1-2 feet in diameter.

Fireworks went off before, during & after the sighting as normal in near (1/2-mile to horizon) distance. Saw no reports of the object afterward. Lost the light in the trees.

This is my third report filed with you tonight sequentially. I have seen a total of 5 (really 6, since one sighting involved 2 objects) UFOs in my 60 years starting at age 9. Three were treetop level or below, one about 1000 feet and one in orbit (!). My first sighting was spectacular & involved communication and I have been fascinated by the phenomena since.

I try to read only high-quality books on the subject and have attended 2 symposia on the subject at nearby American University. I recently devoured Richard Dolan’s 2-part (so far) UFOs & the National Security State, just finished David Jacobs’ Walking Among Us and have 3 new books just ordered waiting to be read. I estimate I’ve read 30-50 books on the subject. I once subscribed to IUR from The Center for UFO Studies (no longer published). Most TV shows are of poor quality. All remain in the “UFOs 101” category repeating the same basic things, with poor accompanying graphics & often getting even basic facts wrong. The Internet is rife with sensationalism and hoaxes. Books are the best source to learn.

Not a day passes that I do not think of this subject. I feel it is the most important question mankind faces.”

Please estimate how high from the ground the UFO was: 40-50 feet

Please estimate how close you were to the UFO: 50 yards

What were you doing immediately before you observed the UFO?: watching fireworks

How many other people were with you that also observed the UFO?: 0

Were there any power outages or electrical disturbances associated with your sighting?: no

Did you find any ground markings associated with your sighting?: didn’t look

Did the object make any sounds?: no

Please describe what the object looked like and its size (include as much detail as possible): See above.



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