UFO 15-Foot White Light ‘Follows’ Ahead Of Vehicle in Kentucky

UFOs up close UFO close up landings physical traces

Location: Campton, KentuckyUSA
Date of Observation: August 2004
Time of Observation: 11:30 p.m.

UFO report sent into UFOsUpClose.com on October 4, 2015:

“In August of 2004 myself and friend Mitchell parked vehicle at Bucannon strip job just outside of city of Campton. Within 5 minutes a pure white, bright light appeared about 600 feet up in the air. We observed until white orb darted away (towards town) at incredible speed. Three blue flashes occurred, 360* degrees blue, blue blue (light was similar to power transformers exploding).

We drove toward Campton. We turned left on Hwy 15 and within two miles we observed the same white, bright orb above tree tops (250 feet approx). The orb was traveling ahead and above us. It drifted left out of sight until we turned left onto Hwy 715, and it was waiting direct over the road (250 feet still above ground) as if it were waiting for us to catch up. It moved ahead and above us just as before when we arrived at Rogers, KY when it again darted away at incredible speed (in direction of Beatyville, KY). There were no flashes this time. It was not seen again.

Mitchell was the driver, I was passenger. He was very agitated but denied being afraid. I was thrilled saying ‘if it lands I’m going to hijack it and drive it like I stole it’.

The object seemed to know what direction we would be taking going home. It stayed ahead and above the road. I observed it clearly by watching through windshield.

It was the purest, whitest light I have ever seen. Unique. It knew we were watching.”

Please estimate how high from the ground the UFO was: 250 feet

Please estimate how close you were to the UFO: 250 feet

What were you doing immediately before you observed the UFO?: just parked vehicle at coal strip job

How many other people were with you that also observed the UFO?: 1

Were there any power outages or electrical disturbances associated with your sighting?: 3 pulses of electrical (blue) light 360*

Did you find any ground markings associated with your sighting?: None

Did the object make any sounds?: None

Please describe what the object looked like and its size (include as much detail as possible): Size was at least 15 feet across, round, white light. Orb.



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