Silent 600-Foot UFO ‘Floats’ Over Busy Intersection in Virginia

Large triangle UFO observed floating over this intersection in Richmond, Virginia. Photo: intersection at Glenside Drive and W Broad Street. (Map data and image: Google)

Large triangle UFO observed floating over this intersection in Richmond, Virginia. Photo: intersection at Glenside Drive and W Broad Street. (Map data and image: Google)


Location: Richmond, VirginiaUSA (intersection of Glenside Drive and Broad Street)
Date of Observation: January 23, 1990
Time of Observation: about 7:30 p.m.

UFO report sent into on December 14, 2015:

“After having a guitar lesson, I drove to return a video tape to Blockbuster video which was on Broad Street near Glenside Drive at the time.

This intersection has multiple lanes and also turning lanes and is generally very heavily traveled at all times of day and night.

As I sat at the light in the left-hand turning lane, facing north to turn west onto Broad Street, I noticed a glowing red light appear in the Northeast, just over a tree top, that I estimate at about 60 feet in height.  There used it be a Steak and Ale restaurant there at the time and the craft floated right above that sign.

This is the direction of Richmond’s airport and I thought, ‘That’s a plane getting ready to crash.’

But as I watched, the light slowly drifted towards me at the intersection.

The sky was semi-dark, somewhat illuminated by the street lights. I noticed that as the red light approached, a shape like a triangle followed from that leading red light and obscured the lighter sky above it because it was darker than the sky.

By the time the full object had slowly floated over the tree line, it seemed to be a triangular-shaped aircraft, about 600 feet long and almost as wide. There was a red light at each apex of the triangle. It made no sound whatsoever. It was a deep bottomless, black color.

I was astonished. It seemed to defy aerodynamics by floating silently at such a low elevation, given its immense dimensions.

I turned my car off and stepped outside to look at it directly. It was so incredible. I looked for another car nearby in my lane or next to my lane to ask if they saw what I saw. There were no other cars nearby.

Since that day whenever I drive by there I take an informal survey of the traffic and I have yet to EVER be in that turning lane without at least two or three other vehicles nearby.

After it floated above me I recall seeing it drift Northwestward towards some radio towers. It did not seem to be at a height which was above the towers and I lost sight of it as it went behind another tree line.”

Please estimate how high from the ground the UFO was: 60 feet

Please estimate how close you were to the UFO: Right under it; 60 Feet

What were you doing immediately before you observed the UFO: I was in my car stopped at a stop light at busy, heavily traveled intersection. I was returning a video tape to Blockbuster’s right after a guitar lesson.

How many other people were with you that also observed the UFO: I was alone

Were there any power outages or electrical disturbances associated with your sighting: I researched later with newspaper articles. There were reports of electrical disturbances on the south side of Richmond.

Did you find any ground markings associated with your sighting: No

Did the object make any sounds: It was completely silent

Please describe what the object looked like and its size (include as much detail as possible): About 500-600 feet long; it had a red light at each of the triangles’ apexes. I did a sketch here.






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