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pioneer UFOlogist Henry McKay UFOs physical traces

Henry McKay, now deceased, was a renowned pioneer UFO investigator. He specialized in physical traces of UFOs — when a UFO reportedly landed he was the one called in to investigate. He was the very first director of MUFON in Canada, was in the Air Force, and was one of the first in the world to specialize in physical traces associated with UFO landing sites and UFOs seen up close. For more info on Henry click here

UFOsUpClose was founded in 2013 by Henry’s great-niece Michelle McKay. When he passed away, all of his hundreds of case files were passed down to her.

Michelle McKay has been a paranormal investigator for over 20 years. She founded a ghost investigation team in 2002 at ColdSpot.org and was the host of a TV series about the paranormal which aired in over 36 countries . For more info on Michelle click here

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Henry McKay’s great-niece, Michelle McKay, can be reached on Twitter: twitter.com/paranormal4u